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Opening Ceremony celebrates the Lunar New Year 2022 with a capsule collection of T-shirts and sweatshirts bathed in vibrant vermillion red. The campaign was created by artist Sandy Kim.

Aesthetic minimalism bathes the new proposal, accentuated by miniature 3D logos that adhere to all the pieces portrayed by the photographer Sandy Kim with the city of Los Angeles in the background.

The cast that dresses the new collection is made up of Asian-American names such as Jerry Hsu, Eddie Huang, Greta Lee, and Kim herself, united in a single project that invites everyone to embrace Asian culture. This is what the creative directors of the New York-based brand, Carol and Humerto Leon, said when announcing the launch:

“As Asian Americans, this collection celebrates an important part of our heritage. This sense of pride also translates into the campaign concept we have created around our Lunar New Year collection, through which we aim to celebrate AAPI talent in front of the camera and behind the scenes. While Lunar New Year is primarily celebrated within the East Asian community, through this capsule we intend to invite our wider Opening Ceremony community to celebrate with us.”

Opening Ceremony’s Lunar New Year 2022 collection is now available on their website.