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Once again, Magliano presents a collection filled with sartorial pieces and classic lines, where he implements new angles and avant-garde structures  in an imaginary which evolution is so promising and will provide us so much joy in the future.

In a shady, mob-like atmosphere, the creations from the Italian designer irrupted discovering to everyone in the room his new patterns and textures for the firm’s FW20 collection.

Magliano explores in every presentation new shapes in his suits, adding groundbreaking volumes and his sense for layering, see-through garments, eclectic prints and materials that clash with the Italian sartorial tradition. Besides that, he gifted us with some risky designs like the leather overall, the maxi trench or the perfect fusion between tracksuits and tailoring.

In Milan we could see one of the creators with the brightest future in the international scene, who captivated and inspired us since day one with his vision that navigates between a punk and tacky aesthetic of the Italian heritage, certifying  that he has a spot in the industry’s Olympus.

His interpretation on formal shoes, either loafers or buckled ones, as well as combat boots, without forgetting the python applications or his version of the classic clog.

Magliano became one of our must watch designers and his savoir-faire is being well acknowledge by fashionistas and the industry connoisseurs.