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Maŕa Peralta Studio, Emma Chamberlain and Grimmes’ favourite sustainable jewellery brand, has launched its latest collection “Destruction”.


Experimental artist, singer and designer Mara Paralta‘s sustainable jewellery brand was founded in the spirit of endurance. Creating stainless steel pieces for all genders that evoke a sense of functionality, uniformity + adherence, Maŕa Peralta Studio is born from Brooklyn.

This season the brand presents a new collection inspired by New York architecture and the underlying dystopian aesthetic of the metropolis. Looking to her background in music, the designer has taken the emotionally transformative elements of the discipline and reimagined them.

In a nod to previous collections, Maŕa Peralta Studio‘s latest capsule includes chain links that can be worn around boots, as well as harnesses, along with spherical bracelets. In addition, it also includes headdresses, grunge necklaces and bracelets and long earrings with engravings.


Maŕa Peralta Studio’s third collection “Destruction” is now available on the brand’s website.