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Again the Spanish artist María Forqué (@imvirgenmaria) has just made us crazy. This time with performances that connect music, interpretation and a conceptual load that can only be understood by those who are willing to enter the world of Forqué, without complexes and without prejudging.


Her new proposal consists of some dj sets that mix all kinds of music but always with a”hardcore” halo that connects the whole session. To this we must add the staging and acting of the artist. The sets are not empty, each one has a title and a reason. At the moment we have three sessions whose musical selection is brutal, the staging is confusing and restless and the interpretation of María is sublime. A mix of music and art that we hope will soon begin to occupy clubs around the world.


The first set we met was “GEISHA“, followed by “SING” and finally this week “B.S.O.” in which she takes a journey through the soundtracks of our life and spins them through a session where hardcore and leads take over us, taking us little by little towards her conceptual vision of the dj set.

Whether it’s with her iPhone or iPad, in a hot tub or sitting in front of the camera, Maria captures our attention throughout the entire production.


A new blow on the table of the most avant-garde artist in our country that positions her art form far ahead of what we can or are sometimes willing to understand, bravo María!

You can subscribe to her Youtube channel or follow thenew sets through her instagram account  (@imvirgenmaria)#mustfollow