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Brazilian footwear and accessories brand Melissa has launched its most Y2K collection to date. Dubbed “Real Jelly”, the range takes us back to the 2000s, when sheer sandals were a must-have piece.


The collection focuses on the slogan “We made the first Melissa. You made it original”, celebrating the first jelly shoe the brand created. Made up of 10 models, the line features sandals, heels and bags, all in the iconic jelly material, which is created using 100% recyclable PVC. 

Highlights include the original Melissa Possession in bright colour combinations, as well as the Airbubble Platform, Bridgitte and Bubble flip-flops. With an added technological element, each shoe comes with a QR code embedded in the insoles that directs the wearer to an Instagram filter.

“Jelly is in our DNA. In addition to fashion, our products convey attitude. It’s not about a moment in history when something happened, it’s about legacy. We changed the way the world sees plastic shoes. We made the first gelatine shoes,” says general manager Raquel Scherer.

To celebrate the launch, Melissa also prepared a concept installation in her Soho, New York shop. The “Real Jelly” collection is now available online and in shops.