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After the success of “La Isla de las Tentaciones”, “Gran Hermano”, “Supervivientes” or Mediaset’s “La Casa Fuerte”. Netflix Spain joins the reality format with “Insiders” and is looking for contestants, are you in?


Although Netflix already has several international reality shows such as “Love is Blind”, “Too Hot to Handle” and “Terrace House”, the platform has decided to go a step further by making the first one in Spain. We still don’t know any information about the theme of the contest.

What we do know is that the prize for the winner is 100,000 euros and that virtual casting is open. The only requirements are: to be of legal age and to want to experience something totally new. With an air of mystery, the trailer states: “More details when you’re in. If you tell, you’re out”.

This reality show is part of the platform‘s new policy regarding the non-fiction format. Álvaro Díaz, the great promoter, through Zeppelin, of the success of Gran Hermano in Spain, is now the director of the show. The producer has left the production company to join Netflix.

“We are very proud to undertake this project with iZen Producciones. We are excited about the possibility of experimenting with a new genre for us in Spain and continuing to innovate with an entertainment format created here,” says Álvaro Díaz.