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Twitter never stops. The social network has now introduced a new accessibility feature for Apple iOS: audio tweets with a 140-second limit, so you don’t even have to strain to write.

Tweets de audio

To immerse yourself in this new reduced experience “for a limited group of people”, you’ll need to access it through a wave-shaped icon next to the camera icon in the tweet composition panel.

Once you click on the waveform icon, a red record button will appear so you can click it to start recording the tweet. If you need to go on for more than 140 seconds, no problem: a new voice tweet will come out automatically and create a thread of continuity.

These audio tweets can only be created for the original tweets and cannot be used as responses or retweets. However, the app continues to experiment to provide the best service: ‘This is an early audio test for us and we are still exploring the best ways to meet the needs of people with different abilities’, a Twitter spokesperson told The Verge.