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NWHR launches its ‘Just going nowhere’ collection in which the principle of sustainability continues to permeate each and every garment.

Just going nowhere’ is a call to escape from all the noise in our lives. An aimless journey with the sole purpose of disconnecting from society and connecting with yourself and your loved ones.

With this collection he criticises the frenetic pace of today’s life, the routine and the lack of connection with oneself and with nature. Nowhere is finally that point on the map without noise where prejudices and borders do not exist.

All the garments that make up this drop were made in fair and dignified working conditions, following the traceability of each of our suppliers and using GOTS organic cotton.

In their commitment to transparency, they continue to communicate who their suppliers are, what the impact of their activity is and of course the savings they generate versus the industry with their best practices.

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