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While Virgil chills at home and tries to recover from exhaustion, the fashion wheel keeps spinning. His Women’s SS20 collection brought a spacial imprint where pierced garments and accessories were an important proposal for Abloh’s next year’s springtime.


What went down at Paris yesterday in the American firm’s show was all about empowering the females. “The fundamental concept is to illustrate a woman’s power. To show that her spirit is indestructible by natural forces. She can withstand a “meteor shower” both metaphorically and physically speaking,” the multifaceted artist said. And so it was all about that.

One of Virgil’s most renowned pieces, the Jitney bag, suffered deep alterations after being exposed to the “meteor shower” represented by OFF WHITE’s proposals for SS20. Abloh’s bestseller handbag was filled with big wholes that morphed the bag into a useless accessory in terms of capacity. It’s gonna be funny to see where ladies put their stuff when carrying this artistic bag.

Fishnet dresses, unseen draping methods, cut-out detailing that brought the extraterrestrial theme to the pieces, a clean selection of palettes, where fuchsia stomped in the collection like space rocks going through the atmosphere, and both Hadid sisters closing the show with their hypnotic beauty made the day of those in the show.

Besides the fascination every design provoked, there was also an extra presentation. Alongside Roman and Erwan BouroullecOFF-WHITE showed their collaborative pieces created by the industrial designer brothers, consisting in a selection of coats, shirts and handbags with their linear print that simulates the slices of shale observed through a microscope’s lens. Science meets fashion once again.

While Virgil’s off, his brand stays very ON.