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Okuda San Miguel’s Coloring the World Foundation was created with the aim of contributing to the promotion of diversity and the improvement of the quality of life of people and communities, anywhere in the world, using art and colour as an instrument of transformation and change.

The Coloring the World Foundation, the non-profit organisation created by IAM, was launched last week in Madrid and is an initiative of the Cantabrian artist OSCAR SAN MIGUEL, OKUDA. OKUDA’s work, present in many private collections, contemporary art museums and in the streets of many of the main cities in Asia, America, Australia and Europe, fills every corner with colour and hope.

Oscar San Miguel and the entire team that makes up the foundation, directed by Claudia Reigosa and chaired by Oscar Sanz, proposes a commitment of talent to those most in need in order to offer them a proposal of hope and illusion in these uncertain times in which we live.

Initiatives that have already taken shape in Miami County, with the signed agreement to make December 1st of each year, starting in 2022, Coloring the World Foundation Day, working in the most deteriorated schools and spaces in the city with the predominant characteristic of OKUDA’s work. The geometric structures and multicoloured prints, which captivate and cheer us up.

Art critics define this work as pop surrealism. But OKUDA, being an artist clearly influenced by what we would define as urban art, is simply an artist who is incomprehensible. His talent and resolute freedom make it impossible to classify him in any contemporary art movement. OKUDA is freedom, commitment and creativity.

The Foundation was created to work with the same determination and welcoming talent, more for the most needy and to try to give them the illusion of a more welcoming and protective environment. You can consult all the news of Coloring The World Foundation here.

The controversy surrounding OKUDA’s new allegorical work.