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PANGAIA presents the ‘Re-Color’ capsule made from its latest innovation, RecycromTM invented by Officina+39, an Italian textile company.


This revolutionary technology is a new technique that converts recycled textile fibres into a full range of coloured powders that can be applied to fabrics such as cotton, wool, nylon and any natural fabric. Recycrom is applied as a suspension rather than a chemical solution, so it leaches easily into water, reducing costs and environmental impact.

The capsule includes a hooded sweatshirt, sweatpants, T-shirt and shorts. Each colour represents an aspect of the environment. Aloe green was inspired by the healing properties of aloe vera; sky blue pays homage to the refraction of light in the atmosphere; apricot emanates a delicate, soft feel; coral pink is a nod to coral season; and banana yellow to replicate fruit.

All products that are part of PANGAIA‘s “Re-Color” collection have a digital passport, which allows users to scan their QR code for more information on product lifecycle, environmental impact savings, care tips and more.


The eco-friendly ‘Re-Color’ capsule is now available at