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Have any of you heard of the “Sacoche“? If the answer is NO, you’d better read this article as it promises to become a #must of 2019.


And Wander

Typical of the Japanese street, the Sacoche are like bags but taken to the extreme in terms of minimalism. They are fabric bags with cord that usually have the perfect size to carry the phone, wallet, keys and not much more. They are designed to be worn on the shoulder or around the waist. They have become popular in Japan but in Europe they are already becoming a constant for the most avid street lovers.

Neighbourhood - Sacoche


There are all kinds of different sacoche, but the most used are those that are produced in nylon or technical materials. Between the prices there are from 20€ to 160€, without a doubt our favourites are those from and Wandermade in japan– and those from Taikan that are affordable and very well produced.

Taikan - Sacoche


A new element that will soon be filling the streets – we inform you – and that in SS19 will already be more than consolidated. Don’t wait for the hype.