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The resell world has little understanding of common sense. If we add Supreme and Virgil Abloh to the equation, the rampage will be impossible to contain. If we mix them together, anything can happen. $11,000 for the sample bogo that was never sold and these two sign… ELEVEN THOUSAND.


Hypebeasts all over the world have found their way to make a fortune doing almost nothing. The business of reselling streetwear-related items is lucrative to say the least. Without a doubt, two of the names most to blame for this are Virgil Abloh and Supreme. If each shoe model launched by the American designer causes thousands of bots to collapse on the Internet, the impact of the drops launched every Thursday by James Jebbia’s brand is no less significant.

Recently, the tee Virgil designed for the New York-based company was released at Duke’s Archive (@dukesarchive) for the not inconsiderable sum of $11,000. The design features the already famous box logo on the front with the colors of the Pan-African flag. This model never went on sale, but was exhibited at the art-show that the creative director of Louis Vuitton organized in June 2019 at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) in Chicago.


This sample is a size XL and was intended for SS20 and corresponds to the second print test of the design. The very limited access to this cotton t-shirt, together with the delirium of some, has triggered its value in a sickly way. In its lookbook, the person in charge of wearing it was ChiefKeef (@chieffkeeffsossa).

The fight is on on Duke’s Archive’s webstore. We’ll see who’s the one to unleash de cash.