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Hablamos con Jean-Charles Leuvrey creador de Hotel Radio Paris

Después de un año revolucionando el concepto de la radio online, Hotel Radio Paris, aterriza en Barcelona. Entrevistamos a Jean-Charles Leuvrey su creador.

Lo nuevo de Brodinski se llama: “Brain Disorder”

“Brain Disorder”, lejos de ser un Ep más de Brodinski, representa la consolidación de su nuevo sonido trap/rap futurístico.

Hasta siempre Bromance Records #BromanceTheEnd

El sello discográfico francés, Bromance Records, pone punto y final a su proyecto después de cinco años de éxito y conquistas #BromanceTheEnd.

Inside the “Swiss Wave” | ARMES

This week we were fortunate to be able to share with the ARMES guys the whole creative process that accompanied the anniversary of the Barcelona’s concept store Wer-Haus.

Wer-Haus | One Year > ARMES x BMC

As our headline reads, the Barcelona’s concept-store celebrates its first anniversary with an incredible event on saturdays 19th November. Wer-Haus has joined w/ ARMES & Bromance Records.

Virgil + Berg = Paris IL

Since Berg and Virgil met two years ago, when Kanye was in Paris working on Yeezus album, they haven’t stopped to work together. The creatives have created the music project Paris, IL.

The “swiss wave”

Recently we are realising that something is happening in the neutral core of Europe: Switzerland. Whether like collective, music artist, as influencer or clothing designers; the reality is that all “in” we check at instagram, tumblr, etc and inspires us comes from the small alpine country.



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