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HIGHTALKS. VOL.14 – Polimá WestCoast

In this HIGHTALKS number 14 we are joined by Polimá WestCoast, one of the most promising artists on the urban scene.

HIGHTALKS. VOL. 13 – ByCalitos

In this HIGHTALKS number 12 we are joined by ByCalitos, one of the most powerful figures in national streetwear who is breaking records.

HIGHTALKS. VOL.11 – Jhay Cortez

In this HIGHTALKS number 11 we are joined by Jhay Cortez, one of the most powerful and record-breaking figures of the Latin urban scene.

HIGHTALKS. VOL.10 – Recycled J

In this HIGHTALKS number 10 we join  el niño bueno de los Hijos de la Ruina” – Jorge Escorial – AKA Recycled J. One of the artists with more projection of our country.

HIGHTALKS. VOL.9 – Bon Calso

In this HIGHTALKS VOL. 9 we are accompanied by Bon Calso, the artist from Madrid who is doing it big right now and one of the great national promises.

HIGHTALKS. VOL.8 – Natalia Lacunza

In today’s HIGHTALKS we travel to Romeo’s Motel & Dinner in Ibiza with one of our favorite artists: Natalia Lacunza. We talk about present and future.


In Hightalks. Vol.7 we talked with Albany after the release of her new mixtape “Se trata de mi” to speak about her project.

hightalks khea


Today we bring a new delivery of HIGHTALKS. In this occasion, we have chatted with Khea, the young artist of only 19 years who has managed to become the maximum exponent of urban music in Argentina.

HIGHTALKS. Vol.1 >>> María Ke Fisherman

To inaugurate HIGHTALKS, we have selected one of the most interesting and international fashion projects in our country: María Ke Fisherman.