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Netflix enters the video games world

Netflix is considering moving beyond TV shows and movies and expanding its line-up into the world of video games.


We reveal, without a doubt, Netflix’s best secret

We tell you the most important secret about the world’s leading streaming platform, Netflix. You can’t miss this juicy information.

Netflix ‘s new thriller is an ode to fashion

Última noche en Soho es el nombre de la nueva película de Netflix y como su propio nombre indica, se basa en la vida nocturna del barrio de moda de Londres en el año 1960.

10 películas más vistas de Netflix

These are the top 10 most watched Netflix original films

Netflix has just unveiled its latest list of the 10 most watched original films to date. Now available on the platform.

netflix videogames

Netflix to enter the video game universe

Netflix is considering focusing its streaming platform on the video game sector. No further details are known yet, so we will stay tuned.


Sport arrives on streaming platforms

The streaming platform HBO could soon add sports content to its menu thanks to the merger of WarnerMedia and Discovery.

‘Halston’ on Netflix: The story of the designer who lived the wild 70s

Halston, the new Netflix biopic, tells the story of this iconic designer who lived his golden age in the 1970s.

What we are afraid of

Horror movies are a clue to know which are the fears that keep us awake at night. Just as society is constantly changing.

5 documentaries

5 Netflix crime documentaries you can’t miss

We recommend 5 true crime documentaries you can find on Netflix, in case you’ve run out of ideas for procrastination.

The life of Kanye West comes to Netflix

Netflix would have bought the documentary series that chronicles the life of rapper Kanye West during his more than 20 years of career.

The Capote Tapes | From confidant to enemy

This is the Truman Capote portrayed in “The Capote Tapes”, a documentary released on Filmin, developed through tapes, unreleased until now.


We already know who are the nominees for this year’s Oscars

The Oscar nominations have been dominated by British actors and by the largest number of women nominated in the history of the awards

‘Biggie: I Have a Story to Tell’ | Now on Netflix

Biggie tiene su propio documental, y ya está disponible en Netflix. En el podemos ver mediante imágenes inéditas, como fue su vida.

tim burton

Tim Burton and Netflix prepare a series about Wednesday Addams

Tim Burton will be the director of “Wednesday”, the next Netflix series that will focus on Wednesday Addams’ adolescence.


Here are the best pieces of streaming animation

Maybe you have already seen them, or maybe not. Just in case, today we offer you the best selection of audiovisual animation pieces that you can watch on the main streaming platforms. We are sure you will thank us for it.

Netflix Spain prepares its first reality show “Insiders”

After the success of La Isla de las Tentaciones. Netflix Spain wants to bet on reality shows with Insiders and casting is open.

Lola Flores

Lola Flores “resurrected” thanks to deepfake technology

Fate wanted her to leave us in 1995, but now and thanks to the technology known as deepfake, Lola Flores speaks to us again.

Trump could get Joe Exotic out of jail

Apparently, Joe Exotic believes that Trump is going to pardon his conviction within hours – 24 to be precise – of his departure from the White House. He is currently serving a 22-year sentence for animal abuse. Still, he claims that a limousine is waiting for him outside of prison, even before the verdict is known. 

Marie Kondo releases her own organizers

Cleaning star Marie Kondo has launched a collection of organizational items with The Container Store for a clean house.

Steven Soderbergh

Steven Soderbergh is working on the second “philosophical” part of Contagion

“Contagion” may be nine years old, but Steven Soderbergh’s well-known pandemic thriller became one of the most talked about films of 2020.


Will Neverland become the next Soho House?

Michael Jackson’s infamous Neverland Ranch in Los Olivios, California has finally found a buyer after being in the real estate market for five years.