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Craftsmanship is, more than ever, the key to exclusivity in the fashion industry. And “handmade” is a rising value that the firm Tara Babylon has been able to capitalise on. Based in New York, but with British-Iraqi origins, this label uses ecological materials and traditional manufacturing processes to create avant-garde genderless garments. For the SS22 season, she presents her “DJENNA” collection. 

The collection entitled “DJENNA”, which means paradise in Arabic, pays homage to its roots and recreates a utopian Babylon. Following her usual hand-tufting and crochet techniques, the SS22 capsule includes tight-fitting mini-dresses with bright prints, outwear with fun silhouettes and boots made from latex or recycled car tyres, among other garments.

Using unconventional fabrics and traditional design methods, Tara Babylon launches DJENNA. Romanticism and nature pervade the collection and hint at her passion for indiscreet fabrics and flowing silhouettes. Her latest ready-to-wear capsule evokes the idea of a utopian paradise where diversity, sustainability and craftsmanship have a place.


If you want to know more about the collection and the brand visit their website which is available here. 

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