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Latin American fashion has a very significant place in the industry for its colours, silhouettes, textures and creative processes. Although Latin America’s reference points include brands such as Oscar de la Renta and Carolina Herrera, these are just a small sample of the creative power that inhabits the continent. Here are 10 Latin American brands you should know. 

From Tach Clothing, well known on Instagram for its colourful knitwear, to Barragán for its experimental style that has conquered New York. Of course, MOZH MOZH, which works with materials of Peruvian origin and local artisans, and Selva Negra, which respects the zero kilometre, also had to be there. In accessories, we opted for Mola Sasa and Hernán Herdez who collaborate with Colombian indigenous communities for their collections.


Mexican designer Victor Barragán’s eponymous label is one of the most acclaimed names on the New York fashion scene. Known for its experimental designs, the label blurs the line between fashion and art with genderless garments.


Selva Negra is a ready-to-wear brand founded by Kristen González. With sustainability and accessibility in mind, the label’s garments are available at affordable prices and are consciously produced with ethically sourced materials.


Hernán Herdez, owned by Puerto Rican designer Melissa Hernandez, uses recycled materials to create timeless jewellery. Her handmade earrings and bracelets have organic shapes, while her brass and silver rings are adorned with colourful gemstones.


Mola Sasa founder Yasmin Sabet celebrates her roots by collaborating with various indigenous communities in Colombia. The works of local artisans, including traditional textiles, are incorporated as well as in earrings and bracelets.


Founded by Mexican-American content creator Desi Perkins, DEZI launched in 2020 as an eyewear brand. With designs inspired by the beauty YouTuber’s travels and personal experiences, the brand is loved for its stylish and affordable frames.


MOZH MOZH is a clothing brand that creates garments for Peruvian women in an effort to preserve traditions by working with artisans from native villages, while using local materials such as alpaca, cotton, wool and natural rubber.


Brooklyn-based, Mexico City-born designer Sabrina Olivera aims to tell stories through her garments. Her latest project, “Everybody’s Darling”, explores self-confidence and confidence, celebrating hyper-femininity, curves and sensuality.


Popular on social media, Tach Clothing is known for its whimsical knitted cardigans that are made in Uruguay. Inspired by vintage clothing, their pieces are made with colourful yarns.


Founded by Colombian designer Monika Silva, Gauge81 is a brand of reference for both basic garments and more elegant occasions. Among its collections, you’ll find many retro-inspired mini-dresses perfect for brunch or a party.


Simonett is a ready-to-wear fashion brand founded by Simonett Pereira. The brand creates timeless designs that can be worn all year round. The label is committed to maintaining a transparent supply chain.