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Which emerging artist should we listen to’ was what we posted on our Instagram profile hoping to discover new promises. After receiving many proposals, we discovered 6 artists for you this month. And don’t worry if your name doesn’t come up because we will continue with the monthly recommendations. 

Lately our Instagram DM is always full of Spotify links that users send us so that we can listen to and cover the young promises that are making waves on the national scene. “Tag an up-and-coming artist you think is promising and write the title of one of their best tracks,” we posted a day ago on our profile. In less than 24 hours we received almost 500 comments with the most popular songs in the country. In order to make sure that all these interesting projects don’t get stuck in the DM, we will choose 5 artists every month and we will talk about them and their music.


After the success of her debut single Lehendakari, Euskoprincess released a six-track EP entitled Hollywood Star-System. Freedom and, above all, the desire to enjoy herself, characterise each of the tracks by the artist from Gipuzkoa. Euskoprincess stands out for her energy, originality and great talent.


Leftee is a Valencian singer, composer and producer. He currently belongs to the Toxic Pop collective, in which, in addition to singing, he is in charge of production, recording, mixing and mastering. In his musical repertoire, he covers all kinds of urban genres, from slow pop to rogue trap, but always influenced by his rock roots.

Rada Mancy

Rada Mancy’s music perfectly combines pop and electronic music with urban and Afro-Caribbean rhythms. Always in constant evolution and with that original and particular style that allows her to strike a balance between the avant-garde and the classic. Rada’s characteristic voice, delicate and sweet, is linked to a sound full of nuances, versatility and elegance.

Tina Pámpano

The young singer and producer from Miranda de Ebro has released her latest EP Kamizake. Her own sound characterises her as one of the new faces of the scene. Tina got her start in 2020 with her EP ‘Wine’ where she began to attract the attention of various media specialised in urban music. Tina knows how to mix explicit lyrics with elegant melodies and metaphors.

D. Valentino

Vínculos, Bonita, Como te amo yo, MIlio and Me enamoro coda noche are some of the singer’s best-known tracks. In fact, Bonita and Me enamoro coda noche have more than 80 thousand plays on Spotify. His melodies and lyrics start from an almost minimalist base composed of synthesizers and deep beats that combine trap, hip hop and pop with touches of psychedelia.

Lu Demie

Lu Demie is a young woman from Zaragoza who identifies with the bedroom pop label. Her biography speaks openly of the influence of Generation Z, mentioning names such as SZA, Rosalía and Natalia Lacunza. The latter in particular recalls the R&B heard on tracks from her first EP ‘Nada fue un sueño’. This is the case of ‘Lujuria’ – her first single – and ‘otra noche?

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