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Given that the past year has been a difficult one for all of us, it is no wonder that we have been looking forward to 2021. As with every new cycle comes new opportunities and new beginnings. And as the astrological predictions say, 2021 is a year of healing and progress.

Throughout this year, we have seen very rare alignments between planets that have not occurred for many years. Among them was the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto, which had not occurred since 1982. On that date we saw millions of people protesting against the proliferation of nuclear weapons in New York.

These two planets align every 20 years, but what makes this next “grand conjunction” so special is that since the early 1800s, Jupiter and Saturn have always materialised their union under earth signs and, before that, under fire and water signs.

So it has been some 800 years since the last ‘air age’. And the influence of Aquarius on Jupiter and Saturn in 2021 will bring about far-reaching and large-scale changes. This sign is linked with the idea of change, with the formation of communities, with social struggle and with technological advances.

How will it affect the Zodiac signs?

Taurus and Scorpio in any placement (Sun, Moon, Venus, etc.) will experience personal growth. Communication and ideas will be challenged by Mercury, but they will learn to master different areas of their life.

Leo in any placement will feel the need to let go of previous energies. The key here is to learn to balance. Venus in Leo will bring about balance in love and relationships. While Mars in Leo will balance passions, energy and impulses.

Libra and Gemini placements will experience a harmonious flow of energy. Having Venus in Scorpio and Mercury in Libra will bring about a healthy path in terms of communicating your thoughts and expanding the mind.

The placements of Cancer and Virgo will make them feel somewhat uncomfortable with Aquarius. This may result in these signs thinking about ironing out differences with Aquarius or even improving their relationship.

Aries and Sagittarius may feel that Aqua energies are helping them this year.

What dates do you have to keep in mind?

January 30 – February 20: This is a period of introspection and understanding in some areas of our lives. Last year’s Mercury retrogrades were in water signs. This year, they will all be in air signs.

April 27 – October 6: Pluto retrograde will take place in this time period. You will experience an inner transformation. Allow yourself to reflect on where you feel powerful from.

May 23 – October 10: Saturn retrograde. Reflect on your goals and self-restrictions. Look at how you can free yourself from them and become healthier.

May 29 – June 22: Second Mercury retrograde of the year.

June 20 – October 17: Jupiter retrograde. You will experience expansion and inner growth. Allow yourself to reflect on where you find joy and what makes you laugh. This can be a period of exploration.

June 25 – December 1: Neptune retrograde. You will experience a deeper connection with the spiritual, your dreams or your subconscious. Allow yourself to reflect on the universe and develop meditation techniques.

July 15 – December 19: Chiron retrograde. You will go through a period of healing wounds from past experiences. You will gain greater awareness through this understanding and healing.

August 19 – January 18: Uranus retrograde. You will experience revolution and inner enlightenment. Allow yourself to reflect on what you would like to change about yourself. Also, you will go through many inner breakthroughs.