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WhatsApp is planning a new year full of novelties. In its 12 years of existence, the messaging application hasn’t stopped renewing its functions. From videos and snapshots to making payments via ‘Whatsapp Pay’. The new updates to the app will give a lot to talk about. Here’s what’s new in WhatsApp 2021: 

WhatsApp Pay payments

‘WhatsApp Pay’ is already implemented in some countries such as Brazil. This innovation would allow us to make payments between our contacts instantly. We will only have to link our bank account to our phone number. Once this has been done, the payment receipt will appear in the conversation.

Chats in ‘holiday mode’

To combat the stress of teleworking and hyperconnection, the app wants to implement the ‘holiday mode’. This function allows work chats to not make our holidays bitter. This new utility of the app allows the user to keep the conversations he wants archived even if new messages arrive in the chat.

Videos without sound

The new WhatsApp feature allows the shared file to be a video of any length, but without sound. This is very useful as it reduces the amount of data required and the weight of the video. An emoticon will be displayed before sending to enable or disable sound in the video before sharing.

Several devices at once

The possibility of using Whatsapp on different devices is one of the most acclaimed requests from users. For now the application can be started on one device and on WhatsApp Web. For the coming year, WhatsApp will be able to stay booted on up to four devices at the same time.

‘Self-destruct’ photos and videos

The app already allows you to schedule the destruction of the messages sent. Now they go one step further and the photos will no longer remain forever in the chat. Now, when we send a picture it will ask us if we want to delete it from our chat and from the person who receives it after a certain time.

Internal announcements

WhatsApp 2021 will update its terms of service. Through a banner that will appear at the top of the chat list, the app itself will inform users of the new features that will be implemented, as well as other changes to the service.