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Christmas is just around the corner and, as well as getting together with the whole family, eating grapes and receiving gifts, it is also the time to add a little magic to our sexual relationships. That’s why LELO wanted to reveal four sexual positions to make the most of this festive season.

The Stocking Stuffer

In this position, one should penetrate standing and the receiving partner should sit on the edge of their preferred surface with the buttocks positioned close to the edge to allow for depth of penetration. The seated partner raises their legs so that they are flat against the body of their standing partner, placing their ankles above their shoulders. This is the ideal position to increase the intensity of penetration while maintaining eye contact.

Under the tree

To perform this position the receiving partner should be on all fours, with their forearms resting on the floor so that their body is at an angle, while the penetrating partner should kneel behind them. This position can be adapted in a number of ways, for example by incorporating a sex toy such as the LELO SONA for clitoral stimulation, and also by using a sex cushion to facilitate the position or by using a water-based lubricant to really create a slippery sensation. This position can also be used for anal sex.

Gift wrapping

The best way to enjoy this position is for you and your partner to lie on the floor, so place a comfortable duvet, rug or blanket to make the space comfortable and warm. The bottom partner sits with their legs stretched out in front of them, while the top partner sits on top, facing their partner and wrapping their legs around them. You can move synchronously or push each other to experience different sensations, but keep in mind that this is more of a rocking motion than a pushing motion.

Christmas cracker

For the last position proposed by LELO, one of the partners has to sit vertically with their legs bent at the knee and their feet flat on the floor, while the other partner sits in the same position but in front of them. As they move together, one should move their legs to be on either side of the other, so that they can move closer together for support as they move.

This position is perfect for including a sex toy for couples, such as LELO’s TIANI 3 or the new LELO DOT clitoral stimulator, which with its smaller tip, is perfect for this position, as either partner can hold the toy for more precise and intense stimulation. Plus, this position allows you to have a full view of your partner.

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