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We’ve all danced at discos, raves, graduations and parties attended by our favourite actors throughout the history of cinema. As Cher says: “There’s something special about a dance floor. It’s like a way of getting off this planet”. That’s why we can’t fail to introduce you to On The Dance Floor: Spinning Out On Screen, a visual and literary journey through the dance floors of film history.

From the historic dances of Pulp Fiction, Fame, Do the Right Thing and Phantom Thread, to those of West Side Story, The Virgin Suicides and They Shoot Horses, Don’t They, this book understands and remembers the pivotal moments that occurred on a dance floor throughout cinema. In addition, it includes literary excerpts, original writing and archival photographs along with conversations with filmmakers and actors that are not to be missed.

On The Dance Floor consists of over 400 pages that explore a deeper look at cinema, including texts by filmmakers, actors and choreographers and previously unpublished photographs. It also features excerpts from Mia Wallace’s diary from Pulp Fiction (as imagined by writer Charlie Fox); memories of Cher dancing at Studio 54 and Charli XCX; original essays by writers such as Rachel Tashjian and Marlowe Granados.

Fashion and cinema through the lens of Luca Guadagnino.