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WW new bet moves its identity to the field to create our fetish this spring.


The identity of the Danish firm WW lies in its mastery of reinventing sportswear. Their pieces are an impossible combination of totally different elements at first glance, and their designs range from tracksuits to spring floral dresses. All this from a mixture of haute couture, sport and urban culture.

Their new collection, called “The Outside”, is an ode to the essence of the brand. The SS19 proposal condenses the aesthetic patterns and inspirations that characterize the firm, combining sportswear of the 90’s with outerwear of Nordic inspiration. For this season, WW evokes a journey from nature-inspired prints, floral styles, woodsy graphics and green, blue and brown tones.

Of course, sweatshirts and hooded jackets have continued to play a leading role, with modern and contemporary touches and in classic neutral colours such as navy blue or black mixed with other pastels and brilliants. A hybridization of floral and sport that has become our desired spring uniform.

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