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A Malaysian gynaecologist, John Tang Ing Chinh, has created what he claims is the world’s first unisex condom: the “Wondaleaf“. Made from a medical-grade material that is often used as a dressing for injuries and wounds, the condom fits both the penis and the vagina. 

This invention is basically a condom with an adhesive cover that sticks to the vagina or penis, as well as covering the adjacent area. This means it can be reversed and used by both sexes.

Tang condoms are made of polyurethane, a material used in transparent wound dressings. It is thin and flexible, yet strong and waterproof, and feels comfortable on the skin.

The creator of what would become one of the most anticipated inventions said “once you put it on, you don’t even notice it’s there”. After several rounds of research and clinical trials, it would be available in December from the company’s website.

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