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Yocheved Gourarie was a 24-year-old New Yorker who had planned to publish a farewell note on her Instagram the day after she took her life.

The young woman had prepared an Instagram publication for her to upload the day after she took her life. Yocheved Gourarie, from New York City, died Tuesday afternoon after jumping from the Vessel. The new New York icon located in Hudson Yards, Brooklyn.

“If you’re reading this, I’m gone” Gourarie wrote in the post, inviting readers to sit down before reading his “sensitive” and “shocking” content. “Either that, or (I’m) somehow incapacitated in the hospital so I can’t delete this scheduled post. I really hope I’m not though”.

“None of you could have done anything – or done more – to prevent this from happening”,she added. “I hope you can find some comfort in knowing that I am no longer in pain”. The 24-year-old had previously shared information on her profile about struggles with anorexia and depression.

Gourarie also wrote a note to send to her parents:“If they choose to share or publish it you may be privy to more insight. I will leave that choice up to them”. On Wednesday her father responded to the comments in the post: “I just want to thank everyone who wrote here. Your kind words mean a lot to my family”.

She concluded the note with the following statement:“Your support, your encouragement, your hugs, your invitations, your smiles, your texts, your tagging me in memes you think I’d find funny… you all did your absolute best and for that I am eternally grateful. I hope you can find some comfort in knowing I am no longer in pain”.

If you’re struggling with mental health issues, you can contact the suicide prevention specialists Samaritans in the UK here, and the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline in the US here.