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Ron Zacapa’s latest launch are delicious, personalised chocolates destined to be the perfect after-dinner companion to its exclusive rum.

This is a collaboration between Zacapa and BRIK, master artisan chocolatier. The chocolates create flavour notes inspired by the rum distillation and ageing process, moulded in mountainous shapes inspired by Zacapa’s Guatemalan origins.

Each box is composed of twelve chocolates in three tempting flavours: roasted and ground coffee beans, vanilla and macadamia, and plum and almond. The chocolates are made from natural ingredients and do not contain any preservatives.

BRIK chocolates are presented in a luxurious black and gold packaging, creating a striking and elegant dessert. They are the perfect gift for the discerning culinary enthusiast. The chocolates will be available for limited purchases together with a bottle of Zacapa 23 at El Corte Inglés in Madrid this December.

In addition to the box of twelve chocolates, Zacapa and BRIK have created a limited number of Instagram-worthy chocolate centrepieces, also designed in the shape of Guatemala’s mountainous landscape like their smaller counterparts. Including three additional taste experiences.

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