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We reveal, without a doubt, Netflix’s best secret

We tell you the most important secret about the world’s leading streaming platform, Netflix. You can’t miss this juicy information.

Netflix presents XTREMO at Madrid RACE drive-in movie theater

The stars, along with the rest of the XTREMO team, presented the new Netflix movie in an adrenaline-filled and surprising night.

Netflix ‘s new thriller is an ode to fashion

Última noche en Soho es el nombre de la nueva película de Netflix y como su propio nombre indica, se basa en la vida nocturna del barrio de moda de Londres en el año 1960.

10 películas más vistas de Netflix

These are the top 10 most watched Netflix original films

Netflix has just unveiled its latest list of the 10 most watched original films to date. Now available on the platform.

netflix videogames

Netflix to enter the video game universe

Netflix is considering focusing its streaming platform on the video game sector. No further details are known yet, so we will stay tuned.

‘Halston’ on Netflix: The story of the designer who lived the wild 70s

Halston, the new Netflix biopic, tells the story of this iconic designer who lived his golden age in the 1970s.

5 documentaries

5 Netflix crime documentaries you can’t miss

We recommend 5 true crime documentaries you can find on Netflix, in case you’ve run out of ideas for procrastination.

The life of Kanye West comes to Netflix

Netflix would have bought the documentary series that chronicles the life of rapper Kanye West during his more than 20 years of career.

‘Biggie: I Have a Story to Tell’ | Now on Netflix

Biggie tiene su propio documental, y ya está disponible en Netflix. En el podemos ver mediante imágenes inéditas, como fue su vida.

tim burton

Tim Burton and Netflix prepare a series about Wednesday Addams

Tim Burton will be the director of “Wednesday”, the next Netflix series that will focus on Wednesday Addams’ adolescence.

Netflix Spain prepares its first reality show “Insiders”

After the success of La Isla de las Tentaciones. Netflix Spain wants to bet on reality shows with Insiders and casting is open.

Netflix clarifies why it removes content from its catalog

Recently Netflix has been removing content from its platform. Has it happened to you that you have started watching a series and suddenly it disappears? Well, now the company has just clarified the reason for these changes. 

Leonardo DiCaprio, Ariana Grande, Timothée Chalamet and Kid Cudi will participate in the new Netflix comedy

It seems that the musicians are also joining a cast of stars that will be in the new Netflix film.

Netflix announces second season of Unsolved Mysteries

Netflix has just released the trailer for the second season of “Unsolved Mysteries”. It’s time to play detective again. 


BLACKPINK releases its documentary on Netflix

Now Netflix has partnered with YG Entertainment to create the documentary entitled “BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky”.

The Netflix documentary that will make you distrust social networks

Netflix has released a new documentary that questions the danger of social networks at the generational and social level.


The Netflix premieres you can’t miss this fall

Netflix has already announced some of the premieres that await us for this autumn 2020 and that you can’t miss. 

Netflix is testing the “shuffle” button

Netflix is testing a new “Shuffle” button that helps viewers decide what to watch. The feature chooses a random title based on a subscriber’s viewing history or playlist.


Netflix adds Polanski’s “Rosemary´s baby” to its catalogue

Rated as one of the best horror films, Roman Polanski’s “Rosemary´s baby” comes to Netflix. From today you can watch this disturbing and disturbing cult film. 


Netflix presents ‘Homemade’: a short film series about isolation

Netflix presents ‘Homemade’: a series of short films shot during confinement and starring filmmakers from around the world.

Bad Bunny to debut on Netflix soon

In the interview he just gave to Rolling Stone, he says that after his Super Bowl show in February, he started shooting.