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Israel-based fashion brand takes inspiration from legendary Egyptian music festival and the traditional prints and looks from Cleopatra’s country back in 1978.  “Red Moon above Nuweiba” brings those feelings in SS20.

41 years ago in Sinai Peninsula took place one of the most emblematic music festivals held in African territory ever. After being liberated from Israeli control until 1967, Nuweiba Festival helped as a celebration of this transition for the inhabitants of the now Egyptian region. The desert-retreat vibes expressed in ADISH’s (@adishstudios) new collection are the perfect reflection of what those days meant for the ones that lived it.


T-Shirts, collared jackets, polos and trousers are imprinted with the festival’s motifs, graphics and textures. The color palette includes earth tones inspired by the African sand ocean, bringing burgundy, blues, khaki green and neutrals mixed with Bedouin pattern for an elegant and relaxed proposal for SS20.

Tel Aviv born ADISH is bringing a hint of freshness and ethnicity to next summer’s range of options to elevate your look.

“Red Moon Above Nuweiba” will break necks.