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Black it’s probably the most used color in fashion history. Associated to elegance but also to emo kids, it fits anyone in any style. The darkest sense of humor but also grief, black can be applied to both extremes of the human mood. APJP knows it and has proved it in their last drop where denim is the main thing.

When you see APJP’s (@apjp__) last editorial you catch Alberto and Joelle’s perspective on fashion, having fun with it and bringing creativity to a new level. Through Mauro Maglione’s lenses (@mauromaglione_mmwe relate to the scenes depicted for the occasion, in which accidental situations offer a beautiful sense of ease and freshness in Panocchi (@alberto_panocchi) and Pomiolli’s (@joellepomiollinew pieces.

Their artisanal creations prove their talent for dying and hand-painting, but also their worries on sustainability. Every design is made from vintage, recycled or second hand garments, giving an extra excuse to all those interested in their work and to anyone discovering their wonderful project just now to grab any of their proposals, some of which are still available in nss’ webstore.

After collaborating with Puma and doing several projects with Conversethis last reworked denim collection is another step ahead in their conquer of the Italian fashion community.

Stroke by stroke.