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Arca has officially announced the details of the new album KiCk i, which will be released on June 26th. As previously reported, the album features Björk and Rosalía, but Shygirl and SOPHIE will also collaborate on it.


After the recent single “Nonbinary“, Arca has also shared a new song, “Time”, which premiered at Mutant;Faith’s shows at The Shed in New York last year. The new video for the song was created by Arca, Carlos Sáez, and MANSON, who directed the clip in front of a live audience at The Shed and on the streets of the Big Apple.

The press release says that KiCk i is “a celebration not only of the joy that Ark has been able to find in its life, but of the sometimes arduous journey that it took to find it. Her struggle to reconcile her Venezuelan heritage and her trans-Latino identity emerges as Spanish reggaeton and pop.”

“I don’t want to be tied to one gender,” says Arca in the press release. “I don’t want to be tagged as a thing.”