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You may feel powerless in this situation, but you don’t. Staying at home is about solidarity. Your little grain of sand joins billions to create a strong and consistent fence to counteract Covid-19. A help that may seem imperceptible from the room but is not. The quarantine is teaching us that solidarity is in the little things like entertaining your neighbours. Apple rewards your commitment to fun.


If you have a talent for music production or video editing, it’s time to show it – both virtually and in real life. Technology giant Apple (@apple) is offering a 90-day trial of its Logic Pro X and Final Cut Pro software. The price of these programs is 225 euros and 335 euros respectively. If you’ve ever been curious about any of this content, now is your time to experiment. Who knows what you’re capable of?


The American company joins other international companies that have opened the doors of their spaces free of charge to entertain and occupy the time at home. In mid-March, Moog and Korg launched their free music synthesizer applications. Last week Fender announced three months of guitar lessons at no cost. They all aim to spread positivity, creativity and expressiveness through their users.


The technological proposals are not the only ones that have reached the population. This weekend Loewe launched “Loewe at Home“, events and workshops through Instagram’s live videos. Jacquemus or Paul Smith offer online fashion courses. But without a doubt the most successful are the “home to home” festivals. These musical proposals include line ups of Dj’s and renowned artists, for all tastes and audiences.