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Retro vibes, beautiful in-house painted prints, tropical colors, knitwear tracksuits, spread-collar shirts opened past the chest, denim, silk, and above all, a sense of delicacy and sophistication that elevates the concept of luxury streetwear.

There is no piece you can’t wear for both daily and special situations, making Charaf Tajer (@charaftajer) one of the most versatile creators in the industry right now. His vision of the summer season is perfectly reflected in each of the shirts, jackets, pants and suits. Côte d’Azure and Miami reminiscences painted his SS20 collection, making the attendants travel to a place where time stops, where a gorgeous nature surrounds the space, where its all about enjoying life.


The creations were decorated with all vacation and natural motifs, showing elements like Chinese dragons, aerial swimming pool views, stunning beach renderings and star-studded imprints with the uniqueness of Casablanca’s iconography.

Casablanca SS20

Casablanca took off in a recreation of the Café de Flore for its second PFW collection. The runway was displayed in the terrace, creating the ideal ambience to breathe Tajer’s new designs. The unique grounds of the Musée de Montmartre was the emplacement where all took place, displaying the designer’s likes for a location where a century ago artists used to live, create and have fun.

Swae Lee, from Rae Sremmurd, walked an spectacular denim look with perfume bottles printed all over the two pieces’ outfit. After last show’s inclussion of C. Tangana as part of the models’ cast, it’s no strange seeing major artists from the urban scene in Charaf’s catwalk, projecting from the very first moment his creations into the youngest fashionistas, proving how well his designs fit all kinds of stereotypes, adding that extra mile with absolute ease.

Pastelle colors had a big importance, being pink the most used by the French designer along with a range of greens, oranges and blues that rounded an elegant yet casual selection for Casablanca’s (@casablancabrand) SS20.

One thing remains clear, if you make it, make it the Casa Way.