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We are back with the Highchart section. This time we play it safe and put ourselves in the hands of the DJ of the moment DREA. 

HIGHCHART. #22 – Curated by Miqui Brightside

We are back with the Highchart section. This time we bet safe and we put ourselves in the hands of the producer and DJ from Madrid Miqui Brightside.

Merca Bae

HIGHCHART. #21 – Curated by Merca Bae

Merca Bae creates a dark atmosphere where urban sounds dance to a magnetic rhythm that has already attracted clubs from different parts of the world.

Mygal X

HIGHCHART. #20 – Curated by MYGAL X

In this golden era of urban music, standing out in the scene is not easy. Mygal X has become one of the top-class: this is his selection for HIGHCHART.

HIGHCHART. #19 – Curated by Red Axes

Red Axes explores sounds across different cultures forming a perfect symbiosis of rhythms with electronics as the basis. They are in charge of the new Highchart. to welcome August.

Highchart. #SONAR2019 | Lil Moss

Lil Moss is one of the most admired figures of the trap of our country, and can boast of a background that does not leave out any of the more in artists in this new wave of powerful beats and neoperreo.

HIGHCHART. #Sonar2019 | La Diabla

Producer and DJ, La Diabla resurrects old school reggaeton by adding dembow and a polished avant-garde street aesthetics.


If a few days ago we started with Aleesha, this time it’s Alvva’s turn, who will perform in Sónar by day on Saturday 20th.

Highchart. #SONAR2019 | Aleesha

Aleesha inaugurates a series of special HIGHCHART. #SONAR2019 in which the participants will bring us their #must of this edition.

HIGHCHART. #18 – Curated by ANTIFAN

The Madrid band ANTIFAN has collected their top 10 songs of the moment in an exclusive playlist for HIGHCHART.

HIGHCHART. #17 – Curated By Steve Lean

Steve Lean has become one of the most powerful music producers in our country, with an insatiable present and a promising future.

HIGHCHART. #15 – Curated by Flaca

After a long time we return with a new HIGHCHART. This time starring by Dj destined to dominate the scene of the new spanish sound: Flaca.

HIGHCHART. #14 – Curated by Volvox

The latest HIGHCHART. of the year is a journey through the purest and underground techno selected by one of the DJs that will soon be dominating the scene: Volvox.

HIGHCHART. #13 – Curated by Hotel Radio Paris

End of summer and with it new HIGHCHART. which comes from one of the most undergound musical projects on the European scene: Hotel Radio Paris.

HIGHCHART. #12 – Curated by Cardopusher

What better way to start the week than with a new HIGHCHART. This time our protagonist is the Venezuelan producer Cardopusher.

HIGHCHART. #11 – Curated by PANTEROS666

Victor Watel better known as Panteros666 introduces the new HIGHCHART. An artist with personality that brought a unique and different sound to the scene.

HIGHCHART. #9 – Curated by Louisahhh

The new Highchart. runs by one of the queens of underground techno: Louisahhh. Currently her work is linked to Maelstrom and his RAAR label.

HIGHCHART. #8 – Curated by Brenmar

We started the year in the best way possible, with music selected by one of the most versatile composer, the New York based artist: Brenmar. Welcome to the first Highchart. of 2017!

HIGHCHART. #7 – Curated by Ateph Elidja

For the last playlist of this 2016… year of our creation, we have joined with one of the favorite artists and producers of the office, the french Ateph Elidja.

HIGHCHART. #6 – Curated by Tepr

This time we have one of the most complete artists we know: Tepr. His career is impressive, featuring remixes for Santigold, La Roux or Calvin Harris and workmate of Yelle or Woodkid.

HIGHCHART. #5 – Curated by Spank Rock

This time, we have lucky to introduce the Baltimore’s MC, Naeem Juwan better known as Spank Rock, who joins the Highchart’s team with the following playlist.