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In a remote place, in a different space and time, in a perfect world, the new collection of DOMINNICO SS21, entitled UHURA, is born. Avant-garde and contemporary designs inspired by retrofuturism and science fiction for empowered, technological and fighting women. Rosalía, Rita Ora or Lady Gaga have already fallen in love with his creations that have made him one of the leading designers in Spanish fashion.

Since Domingo Rodríguez Lázaro created Dominnico in 2016, the firm hasn’t stopped growing thanks to his talent, social networks and celebrities. Faithful to his retro-futurist aesthetic, the Bauhaus artistic movement, pop culture and Japanese aesthetics in his collections. Now the young promise also takes science fiction as inspiration. Empowered female characters such as Leeloo from The Fifth Element; Nyota Uhura from Star Trek; Vanessa Kensington from Austin Power or Nina Williams and Ling Xiaoyu from Tekken present the woman of the future that the designer wants to dress.

Dominnico carries in its DNA the mixture of textures and innovative styles. Motifs that it combines with the use of different artistic disciplines, to make unique pieces. Materials such as lamé, elastic crepe, jacquard and fantasy hair combined with taffeta are the bet of the Spanish brand. As a novelty, in the latest collection, it introduces lycra in the bodies and raffia in the accessories. On the other hand, also we emphasize in UHURA the pastel colours and the black and white, as well as the silhouettes structured in the shape of hourglass; the ultra-glued ones with semitransparencies and the most oversizes.

The Barcelona-based company Gratacós has collaborated with the winner of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Talent Award to obtain recycled fabrics for its latest collection. The same as the Colombian designer Lina Osorio in the hats or the shoe brand Un Paso Más. The latest contribution to UHURA is with the accessories firm Suritt, with which they have designed two exclusive bag models, Uhura and Jarajuku. They have even reinterpreted the Valerie model, an icon of this Alicante brand. All of them are made in a handmade way to offer first quality pieces.

Recycling is one of the commitments that the 26-year-old artist makes in his latest collection, thus establishing his new brand values. In this way, Domingo Rodríguez Lázaro rescues pieces of natural hair and materials from other collections to give rise to new unique pieces. The purpose? To contribute towards a more sustainable and less harmful fashion for the planet. The young Alicante promise is very clear that the fashion of the future must look to the past and thus advocates sustainability, slow fashion and vintage as fundamental pillars of Dominnico 2021.


Photography: Giovanni Fedele

Styling: Rafael de Lorente

Art: Carmen Barcelo

MUA:Ana Torres

Models: Robie and Carmen Meseguer