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Louis Vuitton unveils Virgil Abloh´s final Pre-Fall collection

Louis Vuitton presents the latest Pre-Fall 22 collection by the late designer Virgil Abloh. Find out all the details about this line.

A few days after the tribute to the late designer Virgil Abloh was held in Miami and after we’ve come to terms with his loss, the iconic French fashion house, Louis Vuitton, has finally unveiled Virgil’s latest Pre-Fall 22 collection.

Composed of 35 looks, based on his ideology as a child (about how he grew up, how he was educated and how he evolved) and with the creator’s characteristic stamp predominating in each and every one of the looks, we can see how a colour palette composed of grey and black or blue and purple tones take over part of this latest line.

As for the collection, we can see how one of Abloh’s hallmarks is still present, the damier checks, which appear in some of his garments and accessories, such as a windbreaker jacket and a shirt, as well as in backpacks and travel bags. On the other hand, we must also highlight the genderless touch that Virgil continues to bring to each and every one of his collections, as we can see in the wrap-around skirts worn by the models, and we can’t end this review without mentioning the hats with veils and monogram prints and the XL chains that adorn the baggy trousers, a symbol of the designer’s urban influences.

Thank you Virgil for once again delighting us with your talent and giving us yet another Louis Vuitton collection to dream about.

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