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Natalia Lacunza presents “Nunca Llega 05”, the second single from her new EP

“Nunca llega 05” is full of electronic and organic elements that demonstrate the artist’s progression in her new phase.

Natalia Lacunza presents “Nunca Llega 05”, the second single from her new EP

“Nunca Llega 05” comes after the presentation of the first single, “intro (DURO)”, from their new EP.

Natalia Lacunza talks in “Nunca Llega 05” about the different emotions one feels when waiting for something that never ends up arriving. This idealisation of which the artist speaks falls within the parameters that characterise the artist from Pamplona, as her emotional and introspective style perfectly defines the musical path she wants to follow.

“Nunca Llega 05” is a fun and sensorial song, which perfectly fuses deep lyrics with accelerated BPMS and, in an impeccable way, the electronic and organic elements that denote Natalia’s artistic progression. The production by Pau Riutort features melodies very close to the techno sound that is so avant-garde in our country at the moment.

Natalia remains faithful to her alternative style including several novelties that decorate her as one of the most important multidisciplinary soloists of the Spanish music industry. “Nunca llega 05” is an impeccable fusion of electronic and organic elements in the production that denote a progression in her style worthy of admiration.

The artist herself defines how this new era is materialising: “Both musically and narratively, I wanted to make a project that would entertain me and connect with sensations and sounds that have surrounded me over the last few years, but that had not yet come out in the form of my own songs. It will be a colourful and emotional EP as well as the project with the most bpms I’ve done”.

 This is our third Digital Cover with the young star: Natalia Lacunza.

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