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SANKUANZ AW22: Goth elegance & destruction of the method

SANKUANZ moves to the former Union Church in Shanghai to present his AW22, a contradiction between brutality and poetry.

SANKUANZ moves to the former Union Church in Shanghai to present its AW22, under the name “A Room With No Sound”. For the new season, it breaks barriers by combining high fashion and street elements, while maintaining the strong contradiction and antagonism between the different styles.

In his own symbolic method of destruction, the designer combines the brand’s usual silhouettes with a higher level of sophistication for the upcoming season. In the collection, square-cut shoulders and fluctuating pleats predominate, as a result of the exploration of fabrics.

The overzise and raw cut of each piece emphasizes the brand’s rebellious spirit. The juxtaposition of holes, beaked silhouettes and tulles with a stark contrast of perplexing brutality and poetry reveal a bidirectional contradiction between resistance and desire.

The pieces worn by the models are the work of artist Yuyu Wang. The organic forms, made of silicone, plaster, and resin, arouse the imagination of parts of the human body. The ornaments are held in the hand or wrapped around the neck or limbs of the models. The result is a scenic structure made up of body and bionic objects, parts and artificial “organs”.

In footwear, SANKUANZ has merged with SCRY, an innovative and experimental footwear brand. The designs in this collection hybridize two types of shoes made with 3D printing technology. The design is based on a shoe within a shoe, combining two shapes that oppose each other but cannot be separated.

SANKUANZ AW22 invites us to explore new ways of connecting with the world, towards reconstruction from chaos, and a new birth after destruction.

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