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Supreme presents their FW20 proposals

Supreme reveals its proposals for FW20 and comes loaded with vintage-inspired pieces and random accessories. Available on 20/08.

On the eve of reopening its stores (August 20), Supreme reveals the designs that will be available every Thursday for FW20. To the repertoire of garments, they add their usual selection of the most random memorabilia and accessories.


The summer is about to end amidst upheavals and anti-racist protests. A tumultuous and half enjoyed summer the one of 2020. Fortunately for hypebeasts and streetwear lovers, the end of summer brings the return of Supreme’s weekly drops. Their lives come back to life. On August 20th, the New York brand will start to launch their FW20 season, and we have to say that it’s not wasted.

The collection

The main common denominator is a certain vintage aesthetic in many of their winter garments. The worn look and retro designs fill Supreme with nostalgia for next fall/winter. In addition, we see some designs that are, at the very least, eye-catching.

We have to admit that the Smurfs’ total denim duo and the camo parka are on point. The Mondrian-inspired fleece jacket will get a lot of attention on IG. The jacket designed in grandma’s patchwork will not go unnoticed. The outerwear, which features a leopard puffer and fury coat, will be a must for this season. The Harrington-style jacket with the Chrysler building print and its matching pants will flood your feed soon. The navajo overshirt will be a must cop and the husky one with the chain print will fly off the racks.

On top of all this, which are just some of the pieces we’ll be able to see, James Jebbiah’s brand unveiled what will possibly be one of the jewels of their FW20. We are talking about the hoodie with the classic bogo crossed by another bogo in the shape of a cross. Yeah, a cross made out of Supreme bogos. Two bogos crossed perpendicularly. The question is, how did they not think of that before? If a regular resale bogo goes from 480€ to over 1,200€ depending on the model, a sweatshirt with TWO!! bogos, could you retire a person if you resell it? We’ll keep an eye on stockX.

Accessories and random memorabilia

Possibly the favorite section for Supreme (@supremenewyork) aficionados, and to those that aren’t too.

The assortment of random objects that we have found in this section borders on the absurd. From bricks to a Honda dirt bike to custom Oreos to disposable phones. Everything is susceptible to appearing with a bogo.

For the coming season, the assortment is pretty varied. We found a Pat McGrath lipstick, a fishbowl, a Chuky doll with a brand bib, gas cans, a Street Fighter Arcade, caving lights and a long etcetera. Among them all, two stand out. One for its relevance to urban culture and the other for its ridiculousness.

On the one hand, we have Jacob&Co’s most famous watch, which is being reissued by Supreme this year. Its famous colored time zones conquered every rapper who was worthy of it in the early 2000s. The Five Time Zone returns with four time zones, as the one corresponding to LA disappears in favor of the bogo. At the other end we have a tube of Colgate x Supreme. Yeah, toothpaste. Supreme. In collaboration with Colgate. At least this way we know the hypebeasts will spend some money on personal hygiene. They say 10 out of 9 dentists recommend Colgate x Supreme…

Everyone will be on the 20th to make their respective in-store queue or to have the bots ready for the online drop on the 24th.

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