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The extensive debate between teleworking and the ‘non-ergonomic’ elements available at home has been resolved by the giant Google, investing $1,000 in each of its employees, so that they can stock up on computers and office furniture.

Google subsidio empleados que teletrabajan

During the Covid-19 crisis, what has become clear to us is that most companies have had to choose between reinventing themselves or dying. But Google (as always) has gone one step further by investing its economy in the comfort and ergonomics of its employees.

Now Google will grant $1,000 to each of its workers who have been forced to work from home: an announcement that has been unveiled on the blog of Google’s CEO and Alphabet, Sundar Pichai.

That amount of money will support the expenses paid by employees to ‘set up the home office’, buying furniture and technological equipment such as computers so that they can work this ‘new normal’ as well as possible.

Even so, @google is determined to return to the office space gradually and definitively, on a rotating basis and with only 10% capacity at the moment. ‘Our campuses are designed to allow collaboration and community – in fact, some of our biggest innovations were the result of chance meetings in the office – and it’s clear that this is something many of us don’t want to lose’, says Pichai.