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Earlier this year, the Korean DJ launched her own fashion brand, Kirin (@kirin_____________), backed by the streetwear gurus of the New Guards Group. Now she’s launching the lookbook for her next Spring/Summer 2020 collection, inspired by her parties.

Kirin by Peggy Gou SS20

The electronic artist who sweeps the fashion world (@peggygou_) presents two-piece looks such as suits and jackets. The collection is made from very different materials, such as synthetic leathers, denim, satin and elastane. The DJ wants people wearing her clothes to feel comfortable and have fun wearing them.

“I don’t know how to explain it, but there is some kind of connection between fashion and music”

Based on comments about her first season, she recognizes that although she likes loose clothing, she can’t always do the same thing. That’s why, this time, she includes more feminine shirts and very tight denim garments.

Kirin by Peggy Gou SS20

Peggy Gou has a great capacity for adaptation and New Guards Group knows it. The Milan-based company has already promoted a wide list of streetwear brands to the top: Heron Preston, Unravel Project, Alanui and the omnipresent Off-White. What about Kirin?

Moreover, Virgil and Gou are great friends, perhaps the most important thing for them is their double profession. “Virgil is a very intelligent and creative guy, he has a very important value: he’s very fast, he hunts what’s coming”, says the artist.

As it could not be otherwise, the giraffe print is also present as a tribute to the brand name and Gou’s favourite animal. And yes, Kirin means giraffe in Korean.