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Perhaps one of the most elegant shoes of our time, loafers are the ultimate in classic footwear – without detracting from the Derby – and refined for a number of reasons. Also called moccasins, they can be dressed with a wide variety of materials, even with tracksuit and are the basic of the coming seasons that has come to stay.

Loafer Dr. Martens x Stussy

Dr. Martens x Stussy

You shouldn’t feel guilty about investing in this style of shoes, as it’ s minimalist and easily adaptable to different looks and seasons. Keep in mind that the way you combine them is what really makes this shoes an interesting proposal.

As for their history… They are of Scandinavian origin, a Norwegian introduced the style of footwear, which was later adopted by the preppy culture – between snoob and very snoob -. Today, this shoe has evolved into a more casual style although it has never lost its formality. What we like most about them is the versatility they offer. Whether it’s Penny, Tassel or Gucci the codes no longer exist and if you find them you know how to break them!

Here are our favourites for you. Without a doubt a long term investment that you will amortize without a doubt and that does not understand about genres: