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At the very beginning of the end of the isolation, the plans to walk on the beach again and enjoy a summer as normal as possible begin to resurface. If anything is going to awaken the damned confinement, it is our desire to squeeze every moment of freedom. LOEWE and Paula’s Ibiza are the ultimate expression of this desire.


Seems like years have passed since we were banned from the house. It seems that the normality of our days will never be normal again. It seems that discovering new landscapes will be more of a dream than ever.

The union of Paula’s Ibiza and LOEWE is one of the most vitalist and inspiring projects on the current scene. Its explosion of colour and the way it embraces the most hippy aesthetics of the Pitiusas make it impossible not to smile when contemplating it.

JW Anderson has evolved this collaboration from capsules to complete collections. Floral prints, tie-dye and flowing lines are the stars of this LOEWE wonder.

Accessories are another strong point of this proposal by the Spanish firm. In addition to Jonathan Anderson’s iconic technicolor glasses, we find hats, bucket bags, fish-shaped bags and even a fragrance.

All this magic comes through the lens of Gray Sorrenti (@graysorrenti). On a trip to New Delhi he fuses the eclectic aesthetics of LOEWE and Paula’s Ibiza designs with the corners of the Indian city. The editorial is an absolute delight.

It is worth noting that 40 euros of each piece goes to education projects in vulnerable communities, in addition to an initial donation of 500,000 euros.

Without a doubt, the joy that this initiative transmits is not limited to those who wear it.

“Ibiza has always been very dear and personal to me: it’s my deepest tie with Spain, harking back to childhood and adolescent memories,” said Anderson.

LOEWE and Paula’s Ibiza give us this little oasis of optimism amidst so much tragedy. Their invitation not to lose hope of enjoying the most confusing summer of our lives is delivered.