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Hablamos w/ KYNE

Exclusive: We talk w/ KYNE after presenting her latest track “El final”

We talked to KYNE about her new track, career, references and current vision of the scene and art in the midst of the liquid era.

When will media accept body diversity?

Step by step we are moving towards greater acceptance of bodily diversity in the media, but there is still a long way to go.

Fenty Beauty prepares for the arrival of the Lunar New Year

To celebrate the Lunar New Year next month, Fenty Beauty has just launched a series of limited edition products.

mary young

Mary Young launches a collection for Valentine’s Day

Mary Young presents her new lingerie capsule composed of a sexy outfit and how perfect to celebrate this special date.

AWGE x Amina Muaddi

Muaddi has joined forces this time with A$AP Rocky for an unexpected new shoe collection: AWGE x Amina Muaddi.

Halima Adan claims religion in the fashion industry

Halima Adan has announced through her Instagram account that she is abandoning her career as a model because of her religious beliefs. Through the published images, she has alleged the times she lost touch with her beliefs due to the influence of working in the fashion industry.

Amina Muaddi presenta joyas y bolsos en su nueva colección

Amina Muaddi presents jewellery and bags in her new collection

The heel brand Amina Muaddi, which has conquered thousands of celebrities, designs jewellery and bags for its latest collection FW20.

Fenty x Amina

This is the new collaboration between Fenty and Amina Muaddi

After the success of their first joint collection, Fenty and Amina Muaddi are back to create shoes designed by and for strong women.

Breast cancer survivors star in Savage x Fenty campaign

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty has launched a charity lingerie collection.


Neymar will be the new image of Puma

Thanks to Rihanna, Puma was once again recognized in the world of fashion and streetwear. Now Neymar is the new godfather of the brand. 

This is the new makeup brand of Selena Gomez

It seems that the latest trend of singers is no longer to bring out songs but make-up lines. And Selena Gomez knows it.

SAVAGE X FENTY presents its most exclusive collection

SAVAGE X FENTY presents a new line of lingerie exclusively for VIP customers. Nicknamed “Hyper Real”, the capsule features new and delicate pieces, as well as a set of handcuffs. 

Aleesha presents her new song “GANAS”

Aleesha, the artist who has revolutionized the urban music scene, has come up with a new song called “GANAS”.

Fenty Skin

A$AP Rocky and Lil Nas X: the new faces of Fenty Skin

A$AP Rocky and Lil Nas X star in Rihanna’s new Fenty Skin campaign. The Barbadian has decided to expand her business by including new skin care products.


Nike signs Rosalia. Why is this such an important decision?

Despite not being an elite athlete, she has starred in the launch of the Air Max 2090, bringing the company closer to urban fashion and the female public.

Savage X Fenty remakes fans’ favourite pieces of clothing

Savage X Fenty’s latest summer collection has finally arrived. In May, the brand led by Rihanna announced that it would be launching a different range.

Why has Billie Eilish stopped following everyone on Instagram?

A few days ago, Billie Eilish shared a post on her Instagram story where the singer asked if she followed any abusers.


Fenty celebrates youth in its Release 6-20 collection

For its latest collection, FENTY is inspired by the creativity, hope and spirit of youth.

Fake Twitter threads promoting anti-racism

With headlines mentioning Beyoncé, Rihanna or Taylor Swift they have managed to attract the attention of thousands of people.

Fenty Release 5-20

Fenty signs the spring with its “Release 5-20” line

Fenty launches today its “Release 5-20” sunglasses collection for the Spring/Summer season with vintage inspiration and a modern twist.

Savage x Fenty SS20

‘Savage x Fenty’ launches SS20 and looks for the new Fenty girl

Riri is once again celebrating diversity through the new SS20 collection for its ‘Savage x Fenty’ lingerie line. Also, is looking for the new Fenty girl.