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After releasing their Kyrie 5 Nikes, ROKIT comes back with an outstanding street-inspired collection where Notorious B.I.G. is the theme of this Holiday drop. You didn’t see their next move coming.


An evident hip hop influence takes over the garments of ROKIT’s ( Domain” Holiday Collection. Lyrics from no other than Biggie Smalls decor some of the pieces, which are made in a basic palette where red and black are the main thing.

Puffers, long-sleeve tees, baseball jackets, crewnecks and quarter zips are some of the designs included in their last selection. Graphics of a basketball hoop on fire printed over a black puffer and pants give this “Public Domain” collection the gangsta touch Notorious would have loved.

First drop is already available in ROKIT’s webstore. Enjoy it while the second one comes out.

Big Poppa vibes.