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Late Checkout debuts with ‘The Bellboy: Chapter I’

Late Checkout launches ‘The Bellboy Chapter I’, its first collection inspired by the imaginary of luxury and Hollywood decadence.

Comerte entera

And 2021 arrived with “Eat you whole” by C. Tangana

“Comerte entera” is the new theme with which C. Tangana, El Madrileño opens in 2021. Reinventing sounds that leave no one indifferent.

We talk w/ Javier Ruiz

We talked to Javier Ruiz, the photographer from Madrid who is captivating the artistic universe with his snapshots of saturated colors.

C. Tangana


Expanding his range of merchandising, El Madrileño offers us a limited edition t-shirt and cap with the slogan DON’T STAY RELEVANT.


Mafia, fashion and glory. The romanticization of the gangster

In the first half of the 20th century, our idol was the rockstar. In the mid ’60s, the gangster gains ground. We analyze the resurgence of this figure.

The art of dressing an idol by Alex Turrión

El estilista Alex Turrión nos habla de sus referentes en la moda y el arte, así como de la manera en la que ha mantenido en el hype la imagen de C. Tangana.

HIGHTALKS. VOL.3 >>> C. Tangana & Alex Turrión & Javier Ruiz

In this third issue of HHIGHTALKS. we focus on C. Tangana and his creative team: Álex Turrión and Javier Ruiz. #mustwatch

Jon Kemuri SS18 | Now, Good Luck

When the made in spain does things like the one Jon Kemuri has just presented, all we can do is feel proud, very proud.