DGTL Madrid 2019 | The countdown begins

This year, DGTL repeats with its second edition in Madrid and promises to bring us back that masterful combination that forged its success.

Feature >>> DGTL Madrid 2018

The DGTL arrived for the first time to Madrid and the capital yearned for a festival of technowith promises of good music and production.

Techno, art and sustainability. The DGTL arrives in Madrid

After four years installed in Barcelona, this time DGTL has extended its sights in our country adding a new edition in Madrid.

DGTL conquers Barcelona and goes for Madrid | December 5

After closing its 4th edition and consolidating itself as the most sustainable festival in Spain, DGTL announces that its next location in our country: Madrid.

DGTL Barcelona | Techno, art and sustainability

The next 10th and 11th of August, or what is the same in ten days, all the lovers of electronics and techno have an UNAVOIDABLE appointment in Barcelona.