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Discover Marine Serre upcycling for AW20

A year ago, Marine Serre launched an audiovisual project called “Regenerated Series”. The designer wanted to show the viewers her characteristic recycling process based on upcylcing. The result is a series of films that show how different materials can be converted into new designs.

Nicole McLaughlin x Crocs

Nicole McLaughlin x Crocs, an ode to upcycling

The queen of upcycling Nicole McLaughlin has teamed up with Crocs to reinterpret one of her shoes in a sustainable style.

We talk w/ Nicole McLaughlin

We talked with Nicole McLaughlin, the designer who is changing the perception of common things with her creations based on upcycling: “nothing is waste or wasted.”

Nicole McClaughlin challenges the perception of the banal

From Nikon camera straps to Gatorade bottles, Nicole McClaughlin is changing the perception of ordinary things with her unique creations.