Etiqueta: Sang Bleu

AKILA x Sang Bleu

AKILA colabora con el estudio de tatuaje Sang Bleu en una nueva cápsula de gafas de sol. Las gafas Vantage Sang Bleu x AKILA ya están a la venta.

Sang Bleu >>> “The Day I Met You”

Por fin y después de mucho esperar Sang Bleu acaba de presentar “The Day I Met You” una clara evolución, ahora palpable, en su forma de concebir las prendas.

Hablamos con Maxime Plescia-Buchi | Creativo & Fundador de Sang Bleu

Detrás de Swiss Typefaces, Novembre Magazine, TTTISM, Physical o el gran Sang Bleu hay una mente creativa y capaz de gestionar e hilar todos estos proyectos a la perfección, su nombre: Maxime Plescia-Buchi.

Maxime Ballesteros >>> “Les Absents” | Sang Bleu

Maxime Ballesteros presenta su libro debut “Les Absents”. Publicado bajo el paraguas del proyecto liderado por Maxime Buchi >>> Sang Bleu.

Reinterpreting the MA-1

Already two seasons in which the Alpha Industries MA-1 is a must. It was not difficult to predict that most of the brands would join to the game: ALYX, Vetements, Fragment, etc.

Joining forces around the watches

In the last weeks a lot of brands has released watches w/ collaborations. We specially love the collabs that have made: Hublot, Swatch & Casio G-Shock.

1000 – A book of tattoo designs by Maxime Buchi

The renowned tattoo artist Maxime Buchi has recently released a book displaying 1,000 of his standout designs. The publication, distinctly named “1000: A collection of tattoo designs by MxM”.

The “swiss wave”

Recently we are realising that something is happening in the neutral core of Europe: Switzerland. Whether like collective, music artist, as influencer or clothing designers; the reality is that all “in” we check at instagram, tumblr, etc and inspires us comes from the small alpine country.

Sang Bleu: not just tattoos / Maxime Buchi

The Sang Bleu concept, directed by Maxime Buchi it was created in 2004 as an attempt to create a publication proposing a contemporary and experimental vision of modern culture and style.