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Kim Kardashian launches her own podcast on Spotify

‘The System’ is Kim Kardashian’s new podcast show focusing on criminal justice reform in the United States.

You can now buy concert tickets from Spotify

The platform has just launched Spotify Tickets. This is a new site that allows you to buy tickets for live concerts.

Red Bull Batalla makes the leap to Spotify with podcasts, playlists, audio battles and more

Spotify joins the world’s biggest Spanish-language freestyle tournament with a unique listening experience brought to you by Red Bull Batalla.

‘Karaoke mode’ comes to Spotify

You can now sing your favourite songs in karaoke version on Spotify, but… Why did it take so long to include this option?

Spotify allows NFTs to be displayed and sold to artists

Spotify has confirmed a new feature that allows artists to promote and sell their own NFTs within the app. 

Spotify Island: the platform’s entry into the Metaverse

For the first time, Spotify has collaborated with Roblox to enter the metaverse by creating its own island where you can meet artists. 

Spotify takes inspiration from TikTok for new update

As reported by TechCrunch, Spotify is working on implementing a new feature in its vertical video feed.

Justin Bieber is Spotify’s most listened to artist

Justin Bieber has become the most listened to artist on Spotify, surpassing 83.3 million monthly listeners.